UX Designer 

My name is Anna Bezani, and I am a UX/UI designer and digital designer. Based in the creative digital hub of Edinburgh, my specialty and expertise sees me aiding companies in providing the best possible immersive experience for clients. At the heart of my programming is the need for intuitive creativity, producing unique interfaces that are engaging, informative and simple to access and a pleasure to use. My technical focus is on UI design, exploring interactive and motion prototyping with essential user testing in order to meet my brief.

Marketing & UX

Digital Marketing is now at the forefront of any company marketing strategy. The nature of the modern world and how we access, disseminate and engage with information makes Digital Marketing intrinsic to the success of all of my clients, with an awareness of customer behavioural psychology crucial. My knowledge of such proves essential to their longevity and business objectives, with a wide spectrum of employers benefiting from my skills in this area.

It is this experience that would be an asset to any prospective client, where I have a proven track record in supporting large companies in these marketing aims. My positions with Vodafone Albania, Porsche, Telebingo Shqiptare and the Greek Embassy allowed me to apply my technical expertise to directly support their marketing strategies. These skills, provided to me by my bachelor degree, have benefitted a wide range of additional clients, from small independent companies to prestigious advertising giants who headhunt my expertise.

Across all of my projects and multiple roles with various creative and commercial industries, including tourism, manufacturing and charitable causes, my specific focus has remained on the importance of blending Marketing and Design. When considering my career history more specifically, UX and the importance of designing a unique experience for customers has been evident to me since my first held role as a Creative Strategy Designer. My creative value in this area of coding, marketing strategy and design saw me quickly promoted to Digital Marketing Consultant, also maintaining additional freelance Web Designer projects to successful end.



UX-UI: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Sketch, Axure, inVision
Brand Identity: Logo Design
Promotion: Print Ads, Flyers, Business Cards


Shooting with a Canon 1300D is my hobby, which sometimes can be combined with work. However, I would say that I still need a lot to learn.


SEO, SMM, Email Marketing, Search Marketing, targeted brand promotion, Google Adwords, Analytics.



Travelling around the world helps me to boost my creativity and fill the gaps of my curiosity. The exploration of a new culture and market had always helped me with my work by providing me a wider range of ideas. It gives me new experiences that I can then apply to my designs and work.


Experienced coding in HTML5, CSS3, PHP, JS and some SWIFT. I have worked with Bootstrap, WordPress, Joomla and Magento.


My philosophy starts with communication, which has always cultural and social aspects that must be taken into account. With over 6 years experience in retail and sales, I have acquired excellent communication & collaboration skills